Large Lighting Truck

Our 22 Tonne Feature and TVC Package

Our Large Lighting Truck is equipped for Feature Films and Large TVC's with a full range of lights and equipment to create, enhance or reduce the light required to capture that shot.

Ranging from 18k's to little 150w Inkies we have a complete range of daylight and tungsten fixtures as well as scrims, bounces and negatives and all the support equipment to make it happen.

Below is listed the Large Lighting Truck Package but it can be changed to suit individual job requirements.

Click to download the large truck gear list here in a PDF document.

HMI TUNGSTEN - Fresnel TUNGSTEN - Openface
1x 18k Fresnel (Sunray)
1x 12k Fresnel (CMC)
2x 12k Pars (Desisti)
1x 6k Par (Desisti)
2x 4k Pars (Desisti)
2x 4k Molebeams (Mole)
2x 1.2k Pars (Desisti)
2x 575w Pars (Sunray)
1x 200w Par (Sunray)
2x 10k Fresnels
3x 5k Fresnels
4x 2k Fresnels
6x 1k Fresnels
4x 650w Tweenies
5x 500w Mizars
1x 300w Betweenie
2x 200w Focal Inkys
4x 150w Peppers

1x 1ft Daylight Litepanel
3x 12k Dinnettes
10x 2k Blondies
6x 800w Redheads
2x 1k Tota Lights
2x 500w Work Lights
2x 150w Stick Ups
4x 24v DedoLights
2x 12v Dedolights
2x 2k Softlights
2x 1k Softlights
2x 500w Softlights
6x Par 64 Par Cans(Black)
2x Wallo Lights
1x Flathead80
4x 4ft Quads
1x 4ft Double
1x 4ft Single
2x 2ft Quads
1x 2ft Divalite
1x 2ft Single
2x 15 Inch Singles
1x Mini Flo Kit
10x Sgl Looms & Ballasts
1x Daylight Senior
1x Daylight Large
3x Daylight Medium
1x Daylight Small
1x Quartz Small
2x Daylight Junior
1x 30" Lantern
Speed rings to suit
1x 5kW HP-6 Rack
1x 2.4kW GP-12 Rack
1x 24/48 Lighting Desk
4x 2k Dimmers
2x 2k Variac Dimmers
6x Assorted Hand Squeezers
1x 4 Pack Dimmer
2x Fire Flicker Generator
2x Flasher Units
1x 20x20 Frame Sets
1x Full Grid
1x 1/2 Grid
1x 1/4 Grid
1x 1/4 Silk
1x HiLite
1x Clear Grifflyn
1x B/W Grifflyn

2x 12x12 Frame Sets
1x 12x12 Hilite

1x 20x20 Bluescreen
1x 20x20 Greenscreen
1x 10x10 Greenscreen
7x 10x10 Frame Sets
2x Full Grids
2x 1/2 Grids
2x 1/4 Grids
2x DBL Black Nets
1x SGL Black Nets
2x 1/4 Stop Sails
2x Art Silks
1x 1/4 Stop Silk
1x 1/8 Stop Silk
1x Bobbinet
2x Ultra Bounces
2x B/W Grifflyns
2x Lisa Maries
2x Gold Lames
2x Silver Lames
2x Muslins (U/BL)
1x Clear Grifflyn
2x Solid Blacks
2x Full Grids
2x 1/2 Grids
2x 1/4 Grids
1x DBL Black Net
1x SGL Black Net
1x 1 Stop Silk
2x 1/4 Stop Silks
1x Black Silk
1x HiLite
1x B/W Grifflyn
2x Lisa Maries
2x Silver Lames
1x Gold Lame
2x Solid Blacks
1x Clear Grifflyn
2x 4x4 Reflectors
2x 4x4 Mirrors
15x 4x4 Knife Blade Frames
4x 3x3 Knife Blade Frames
6x 4x4 Floppies
4x 6x2 Floppies
Full Range of Cutters,
Nets, Dots and Fingers
1x Powerlock set (25m)
1x Powerlock set (5m)
2x 125a SGL Phase Cable
6x 63a 3 Phase Cable
7x 63a 1 Phase Cable
12x 50a 3 Phase Cable
10x 32a 1 Phase Cable
26x 20a 1 Phase Cable
72x 10a 1 Phase Cable
3x 4-Way Wieland Cables
2x 63a C-Form Mains Boards
3x 50a Wilco Mains Boards
12x Cable Ramps
2x 5 Stage Crankovators
5x 3 Stage Crankovators
3x Double Windups
4x Single Windups
12x 069 Stands
2x Junior 069 Stands
4x Lowboys
4x Hi Walkers
12x 5/8 3 rise Stands
4x Baby 5/8 Stands
18x 40" C Stands
4x 20" Baby C Stands

A full range of rigging/hardware carried along with a full range of consumables, gels and poly carried.

Click to download the large truck gear list here in a PDF document.