FGR - Film Gear Repairs

You break it - we fix it!

We specialise in the repair, refurbishment, maintenance and service of Film, Video & Television Lighting Equipment.

Film Gear Repairs

Specialising in the repairs of:

Lamps - Tungsten, HMI, Fluro/Kino
Ballasts - Tungsten, HMI, Fluro/Kino
Distribution Cable - Mains, Distros, Sleds, Socoplex, Weiland, Header Cables/Turnarounds Hardware - Fittings, Trolleys, Stands
Design/Build - Practical's, Specials, Modifications
Engineering - Welding, Fabrication, Fitting

Film Gear Repairs

Contact Film Gear Repairs

Rik Lees
Mobile: 0420 904 780
Email: riklees@bigpond.com

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