Green and Blue Screens

Big or small we have the lot!

Sometimes you can't get that shot you want or you need to create that special effect, that is where our Green and Blue Screens offers a great solution. With a huge range of screens and the rigging to make it work how and where you want it , call us today to rent the screen you need.

Below is listed the Green and Blue Screens we have available.

Click to download the green and blue screen list here in a PDF document.

1x 40x20 Greenscreen
7x 20x20 Greenscreens
6x 12x12 Greenscreens
1x 8x8 Greenscreen
2x 6x6 Greenscreens

3x 40ft Greenscreen Dutchmans
11x 20ft Greenscreen Dutchmans
9x 12ft Greenscreen Dutchmans

15x Sheets of 8x4 Painted Green Plywood
4x 20x20 Bluescreens
4x 12x12 Bluescreens
1x 8x8 Bluescreen
2x 6x6 Bluescreens

5x 20ft Bluescreen Dutchman
1x 12ft Bluescreen Dutchman
1x 9ft Bluescreen Joiner
3x 6ft Bluescreen Joiner

Green and Blue Screens