Lighting Van Package

The Compact Package

When size and budget are limited our Lighting Van offers a great solution. It is perfect for shoots where parking is limited and jobs with multiple location moves. The van is suited to small TV Ccmmercials, Second Unit Drama, Reality TV, Music Clips, and Documentary Production.

Below is listed the Lighting Van Package.

Click to download the complete van package list here in a PDF document.

1x 4k Par
1x 2.5k Par
1x M18 Par
2x 1.2k Pars
1x 575w Par
1x 5k Fresnel
2x 2k Fresnels
4x 1k Fresnels
3x 650w Inkys
4x 2k Blondies
1x Flathead 80
2x 4ft Quad
1x 2ft Quad Divalight
1x Skypanel
1x Daylight 1x1 LED Litepanel
1x Quartz Small Chimera

1x 50A Distribution Board
1x 50a 3 Phase Cable
6x 32a 1 Phase Cable
10x 20a 1 Phase Cable
25x 10a 1 Phase Cable
4x 4-Way Blocks
2x 10a RCD's
1x 2k Dimmers
1x 600w Dimmers

1x 6.5kVA Honda Generator
All fabrics 10x10 & 6x6
1x Full Grid
1x 1/2 Grid
1x 1/4 Grid
1x Ultra Bounce
1x Lisa Marie
1x Silver Lame
1x Double Net
1x Singel Net

2x 10x10 Frame Set
1x 6x6 Frame

2x 4x4 Hard/Soft Reflectors
10x 4x4 Knife Blade Frame
2x 4x4 Floppies
2x 3x2 Cutters
1x 6x2 Meat Axe
2x Hi Walkers
1x Double Windup Stand
1x Single Windup Stand
8x 069 Stands
6x 5/8 3 Rise Stands
8x C Stands
4x Cardellini Clamps
4x Magic Arms
10x Safety Chains
2x 5/8 Turtle
1x 1 1/8 Turtle
1x Ladder
4x Hollywood Clamps
2x Poly Holders
8x Shot Bags

A full range of rigging/hardware carried along with a full range of consumables, gels and poly carried.

Click here to download the complete van package list here in PDF document.